Yemeni security forces thwart smuggling operation in Mahrah

Yemeni security forces thwart smuggling operation in Mahrah

A security checkpoint in Yemen’s eastern province of Mahrah thwarted an attempt to smuggle a shipment of precious stones coming from Hadhramaut province.

This was reported by Yemen News Portal, based on testimonies of local sources.

According to sources, a security post stationed at the entrance to Qishn district intercepted a transport truck carrying stones of different colors and sizes. These stones are marked with numbers and symbols.

Sources added that the checkpoint officers detained the truck and arrested its driver, before a security directive came to allow him to pass, which is still rejected by soldiers.

Same sources pointed out that the seized stones are characterized by their heavy weight despite their small size.

The smuggling attempt comes days after the head of the UAE-backed Transitional Council (STC) in Shabwah, Ali al-Jabwani, visited Mahrah province, the sources said.

It is noteworthy that since 2016, the UAE occupation has carried out large-scale looting of Yemeni gold from the Hajar district in Hadhramaut governorate, through private mines illegally established by Abu Dhabi.