Parts of Aden flooded by sewage water due to overflow

Parts of Aden flooded by sewage water due to overflow

A residential neighborhood in the city of Aden has been flooded due to overflowing of sewage, a year after coalition spokesman Turki al-Maliki announced that the southern provinces would be turned into a piece of Europe.

Activists on social media circulated pictures of most prominent neighborhoods of Aden, “Al-Mamdara” in Sheikh Othman, which is flooded with sewage, which is causing motorists and pedestrians a great degree of discomfort.

Media activist Jaafar Ataq said: ” The Al-Mamdara neighborhood is flooded with sewage.

He added that “the driver of the vacuum truck refused to do the suction of the sewers, demanding that the pump be turned on.”

The activist concluded by saying: “We do not know to who we complain. The official does not look at us, as sewage continues to overflow.”

Sewage overflowing various residential neighborhoods, amid the collapse of basic services such as electricity and health and plunging the city into security chaos since the Saudi-led coalition took control of Aden in mid-2015.