Governor of Aden province calls for popular revolution against occupation forces

Governor of Aden province calls for popular revolution against occupation forces

Governor of Aden province, Tariq Sallam, called on Saturday for a popular revolution in all southern province to uproot the forces corrupt and terrorism that have perpetuated poverty, hunger and chaos among citizens.

The governor of Aden affirmed that the occupied southern provinces are on a date with a popular revolution to defeat the aggression coalition forces and its terrorist tools, indicating that the Yemeni people will not bear more suffering after experiencing the scourge of pain, hunger, poverty and the looting of their wealth and resources.

He pointed out that the coalition countries, Saudi Arabia and UAE, used all kinds of violence and intimidation to pass their criminal schemes in the occupied provinces, and sacrificed many of the people of those areas to achieve their goals.

Sallam made it clear that the people of the southern provinces would not remain silent about the situation in which they live, and would uproot the roots of terrorism that have been extended with the support and facilitation of the occupier for eight years.

The governor of Aden explained that the occupier took advantage of the suffering of citizens as a result of the deterioration of living conditions in the occupied provinces and the military arsenal it possesses to terrorize people and extend its control over the various civil, military and service sectors and plunder all their revenues, in addition to its plundering of the national wealth and capabilities and transferring its revenues to Saudi and Emirati banks at a time when the Yemeni citizen lacks the most basic rights.

He highly valued the state of public awareness and anger towards the practices of the coalition forces and their tools, calling on the people to support the sincere national efforts in confronting the occupation and restoring sovereignty over all Yemeni lands.