Oil facilities in Yemen acquired by Zenith Netherlands, a major international company

Oil facilities in Yemen acquired by Zenith Netherlands, a major international company

An International company has acquired the energy assets of the Austrian company “OMV”, in one of the oil sectors in eastern Yemen, in an illegal deal valued at $21.6 million.

The “Associated Press” agency reported that the Dutch company “Zenith Netherlands” agreed to acquire the assets of the Austrian “OMV”, indicating that the deal is still awaiting the approval of the pro-aggression government, and Austria.

“The acquisition of OMV Yemen is a very important milestone for Zenith Energy,” said Zenith CEO Andrea Cattaneo, adding that the current production of assets is even more important. The Austrian company “OMV” owns the largest assets in the Al-aqla oil field in Shabwa Governorate, eastern Yemen.

“The field produced an average of six thousand barrels per day as of January 2022 due to a lack of drilling activities. This amount has decreased from about 15,000 barrels per day before the war on Yemen,” the Dutch company’s statement said.

Austria’s OMV sold its stakes in two smaller fields in central Yemen, along with an estimated 571 billion cubic feet of recoverable gas, according to a Zenith statement. The Austrian OMV was one of the largest international energy companies still operating in Shabwa.

It announced in June that it would sell its assets in the country as part of its plans to reduce the classification of its oil activities after the Sana’a forces prevented, in early October, the looting of Yemen’s crude oil.

The geological expert and consultant in the development of natural resources, Abdulghani Jagman, accused the pro-aggression government of Maeen Abdulmalik of selling eight barrels of crude oil for one dollar, while 90% of the people of Yemen are below the poverty line.

He indicated that the Dutch company also bought sectors “seven and three” in Shabwa, in addition to sector S2, considering that the pro-aggression government of Maeen Abdulmalik is working to sell the oil sectors to Yemen, in what he described as “selling the thief.”

The Austrian company “OMV” announced, in a statement at the end of last December, the layoff of its employees’ services.