Ansarullah congratulates freed Palestinian prisoner “Karim Younis”

Ansarullah congratulates freed Palestinian prisoner “Karim Younis”

The Political Bureau of Ansarullah on Thursday expressed its warmest congratulations to the Palestinian hero, the captive Karim Younis, who gained freedom after forty years of jihad and patience in the prisons of the Zionist enemy.

“The freedom of the prisoner Younis, after forty years behind bars, is considered a motivation for the whole nation to remember the great sacrifices made by the heroes of the Palestinian people at all levels,” the Political Bureau of Ansarullah said in a statement.

The statement called on the peoples of the region to direct the compass of their struggle and jihad towards their enemy, who occupies their sanctities, committing every day the most heinous crimes against the Palestinian people.

The Ansarullah Bureau called on the Islamic nation to assume its responsibility towards the Palestinian cause, and the prisoners’ file in particular.

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