Fishing sector in Yemen incurred over 12 billion dollars in losses due to Saudi aggression

Fishing sector in Yemen incurred over 12 billion dollars in losses due to Saudi aggression

The fish sector in the Red Sea has incurred material losses amounting to 12,649,872,000 dollars since the start of the aggression and blockade on Yemen.

The General Authority for Fisheries revealed these losses in a report, during a press conference organized by the Authority on Monday in cooperation with the Tihama Coast Fish Cooperative Association, to review the violations that Yemeni fishermen are subjected to by the Saudi-led aggression coalition countries and their mercenaries in the Red Sea over eight years of the aggression war.

The report indicated that the total losses incurred by the fisheries sector in infrastructure as a result of the systematic bombing and destruction were 9,451,163 dollars, and in boats and fishing equipment 6,270,117 dollars.

The continuation of the aggression, the unjust blockade, and the restrictions imposed on the country eight years ago caused losses due to suspension of fish production amounting to 3,610,064,744 dollars, while the losses of stopping investment projects amounted to 1,994,852,310 dollars.

The losses of fish stocks as a result of illegal fishing by foreign fishing vessels amounted to 3,675,000,000 dollars, while the losses of commercial and service activities and services related to the fish sector amounted to 27,788,898 dollars, and 5,552,048 dollars as total losses related to revenues from exports.

According to the report, which was reviewed by the Deputy Chairman of the Fisheries Authority, Muhammad Al-Omeisy, the losses of the environmental impact assessment exceeded 2,940,000,000 dollars, and the revenues and fees due to the state from traditional fishing amounted to 144,402,590 dollars.

The total losses of fish export companies during the years of aggression amounted to 226,501,000 dollars, indicating that the number of areas targeted by the aggression warplanes was 53.

The report indicated that the air raids and shelling on these areas claimed lives of 273 people in horrific crimes and left 214 wounded, in addition to the destruction of 295 fishing boats, including 225 in Hodeida and 70 in Midi district, Hajjah province, as well as 150 means of transporting fish.

In the report, Al-Omeisy touched on the violations that affected fishermen while they were practicing the fishing profession on the coasts of the Red Sea, indicating that 2,054 fishermen were kidnapped and 173 boats were subjected to piracy by the aggression coalition and its mercenaries.

Al-Omeisy spoke about the most prominent violations against fishermen by the aggression coalition and mercenaries, the latest of which was the kidnapping of three fishermen, including a child two days ago, who were detained for 11 days under torture, and the efforts made by the authority to alleviate their suffering.

During the press conference, in the presence of representatives of the media and newspapers, the Undersecretary of Hodeida province, Muhammad Suleiman Hulaysi, referred to the catastrophic repercussions left by the aggression against the segment of fishermen looking for a livelihood for their children.

Hulaysi considered the multiple crimes and violations against the fishermen as war crimes, calling on the international community, led by the United Nations and relevant organizations, to provide protection for fishermen.

Director of the media office in the province, Akram Al-Ahdal, called on journalists and media representatives to interact with the cases of fishermen, highlight their suffering, reveal the crimes and violations they are exposed to.