Kidney patients threatened with imminent death as dialysis drug stocks run out in Yemen

Kidney patients threatened with imminent death as dialysis drug stocks run out in Yemen

The Ministry of Public Health and Population issued Saturday an international warning that the stock of dialysis drugs is depleted in Yemen, blaming the United Nations and health organizations for not providing urgent dialysis sessions, in light of the continued US-backed Saudi-led coalition’s aggression and siege.

During a press conference at the largest dialysis center in Yemen, the ministry said, “We stand on the brink of a real catastrophe that threatens the lives of 5,000 patients with kidney failure, as our stocks run out.”

The ministry added: For more than a year, we have addressed the United Nations and health organizations operating in Yemen regarding the decrease and depletion of stocks of kidney failure drugs for the year 2023.”

It stressed that “dialysis centers are on the brink of stopping, and there are 17 centers in the governorates that have already stopped receiving patients due to depletion of stock.”

The Ministry of Health added: We consume 500,000 dialysis sessions annually, and what we have left is enough for days only, calling for the speedy provision of dialysis sessions, blaming the United Nations for responsibility in light of the blockade imposed on the Yemeni people.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for the therapeutic medicine sector, Dr. Ali Jahaf, said: We are in an urgent need within two weeks to provide dialysis sessions, and our stock has run out.

“There is a great and real human tragedy expected if the world does not act, affecting 5,000 patients with kidney failure,” adding, “We do not need at the present moment to allocate funds for patients with kidney failure. We need urgent dialysis sessions,” he added.

The ministry stressed the importance of opening Sana’a airport and the port of Hodeidah, as they are vital outlets for medicine and food for millions of Yemenis in the besieged areas by the aggression, adding that in light of the imposed blockade, we are unable as a country to import vital medicines and save our patients.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Health warned more than once during the last period of the imminent depletion of dialysis drugs, stressing that the continuation of the aggression and the blockade prevented dialysis centers from performing their duty as required.

Officials in the ministry stated that the United Nations organizations were addressed months ago regarding the provision of drugs for kidney failure for the year 2023, but reluctance prevailed, stressing that due to the blockade on Sana’a airport and the port of Hodeidah, the state is unable to import medicines, and therefore it demands help from United Nations organizations.

Previously published Ministry of Public Health documents showed claims to the World Health Organization since January 2022 to provide medicines for kidney failure patients and warn of stock depletion.