Hassan Nasrallah: We Want A Brave President

Hassan Nasrallah: We Want A Brave President

Hezbollah’s Secretary General Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah revealed on Thursday the characteristics of the Lebanese president that Hezbollah wants, affirming that the president should not care about the threat of the Americans.

“We want a brave president who is willing to sacrifice and does not care about the threat of Americans if they do so,” Nasrallah said, noting that there are models.

He continued: “The forces that call themselves sovereign know the extent of the American intervention and are silent because sovereignty is an empty slogan in the world.”

Nasrallah pointed out that it is unfortunate that some talk about the absence of a blockade.

He continued, saying that “The blockade does not have to be by ships or planes. It is sufficient for the behavior of the American administration with the countries of the world and the Lebanese authority,” which – as he said – translates into banning aid, deposits, and loans from abroad, and preventing the state from accepting donations, as in the Iranian and Russian donations.

“The Lebanese state is prevented from resolving the crisis of the displaced Syrians, and this is part of the American blockade,” he added.