Domestic gas prices in occupied Yemen through the roof due to puppet government policies

Domestic gas prices in occupied Yemen through the roof due to puppet government policies

The price of a domestic gas cylinders in the occupied Yemeni city of Aden has on Saturday reached astronomical numbers, after a series of recent decisions by the puppet government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition.

Activists on social media reported that the price of a domestic gas cylinder reached more than 13,000 riyals during the past hours, amid widespread local condemnation of the decision to raise the price of customs tariffs, oil and gas, and electricity and water tariffs by the government, headed by self-professed Prime Minister Moeen Abdul-Malik.

Sources emphasised that the sudden increase in the price of domestic gas, the highest in years, have greatly contributed to the recovery of the black market, and the gas absence in direct sales stations.

Activists stated that the pro-Saudi government of Moeen Abdul-Malik “is leading the people of the southern provinces to famine and a real catastrophe without improving the economy and fulfilling the promises and illusions that it marketed to them during the past years.”

Activists in the southern provinces now demand the cancellation of these decisions, which they described as “deadly,” threatening to take to the streets to overthrow the government.

The disastrous decisions made directly against the citizens have been supported and welcomed by the British Ambassador to the pro-coalition government, Richard Oppenheim, who considered them “a step to avoid future economic consequences.”

Statements issued by labour unions in Aden last week, called on the people of the city and the rest of the unions in the rest of the provinces to escalate popularly against these decisions, “which will affect the people’s livelihood and exacerbate their suffering.”