Mohammed Abdulsalam: Burning of Quran in Sweden will lead to chaos and popular unrest

Mohammed Abdulsalam: Burning of Quran in Sweden will lead to chaos and popular unrest

Ansarullah’s spokesman, Mohammad Abdulsalam, confirmed that targeting the Holy Quran will lead to chaos in Sweden and elsewhere, because this targeting is dangerous.

Abdulsalam said in his interview on Almasirah channel, Monday, that “targeting the Holy Quran with what it represents for Muslims is an attempt to break its high place in Muslims hearts, and it is a direct attack on every Muslim who is devoted to his religion.”

He pointed out that the goal of burning the Quran is also an attempt to label that Islam is behind extremism and terrorism, after all previous conspiracies had vanished.

Abdulsalam added, “The great position expressed by Yemeni people today in the rallies of anger, and the official, scholarly, and partisan positions in Yemen are among the most honorable in the Arab and Islamic world,” stressing that the masses of the Yemeni people came out for one motive, which is the responsibility before Allah and to carry out the true duty of belonging to Islam.

He pointed out that the claim that burning the Qur’an comes within the framework of freedom of expression is a major lie and a terrible deception in most countries that pay lip service to freedoms.

Ansarullah spokesman said, “when freedom claims contradict human instinct, it is a setback for humanity, and We have seen double standards in world regarding concept of freedom of expression.”

Abdulsalam said, “The position of some Arab and Islamic countries is weak, and if we followed in previous stations how, for example, was the Saudi regime’s position towards the former Lebanese Minister of Information and the major campaign that took place in front of natural speech.” Abdulsalam was referring to the Lebanese Minister of Information’s position to the war against Yemen in which he called the Saudi regime for considering the impact of its war on the Yemeni People.

Mohammad Abdulsalam stressed that Islamic regimes have to put pressure on Sweden to present an official apology to the Arab and Islamic world.