Former minister in Saudi-led government condemns UAE-backed forces

Former minister in Saudi-led government condemns UAE-backed forces

Former interior minister in the government loyal to Saudi-led coalition sent a strong  response  to the crimes of the UAE-backed  Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militia against the people of Abyan Governorate.

During the past hours, activists circulated on social media an audio recording of Ahmad Al-Maysari, in which he called on the people of Abyan to avenge their deaths against the head of the STC, Aidarous Al-Zoubaidi, and each of his leaders.

Al-Maysari said, “It is the right of the guardians of blood to take revenge on them at any moment,” vowing al-Zoubaidi to avenge the dead sons of Abyan.

He added that the crimes of the STC in Abyan “deviated from the fight against terrorism” claimed by the its militias.

Al-Maysari held al-Zoubaidi fully responsible for shedding the blood of its militia members and the blood of the people of Abyan.

He described the STC’s military campaigns in Abyan as “thugs” since the announcement of Operation Arrows of the East, despite its suspension by Rashad al-Alimi, stressing that the Emirati Special Unit directs militia members of the STC  in Abyan.

He pointed out that what happened in Lawder is a disaster, calling on the people of Abyan to determine their position and the people of the region will follow them, and those who sent the campaign will know where they are going.

The forces fighting in Abyan do not have any official status, but are a militia funded by the UAE, he said, wondering how they claim to fight their al-Qaeda elements associate

This comes after the four of their sons  were brutally killed by the  STC’s militia fire on Monday, while defending their homes in the village of Al-Baqirah in Mudiyah district, while they were trying to prevent the militia from storming the village.