Moderate-level earthquake hits southern Yemen

Moderate-level earthquake hits southern Yemen

A moderate earthquake hit on Thursday afternoon the provinces of Taiz, Lahj, Aden, and Abyan, in southern Yemen, and was felt by a large number of residents.

The tremor caused great terror among the population, and reached Mocha city on the western coast of Yemen.

Local residents in Al-Tawahi district of Aden province confirmed that the earthquake caused the buildings to shake at a moderate degree, estimated 4.8 degrees on the Richter scale.

Residents in the districts of Al-Mualla, Crater, Khor Maksar, Sheikh Othman, Al-Mansoura, and Enma city, and in Abyan province also confirmed that they felt the earthquake.

According to local media, the tremor came as a result of an earthquake that struck the Gulf of Aden, and its impact reached Aden, Taiz and Lahj.