Nine civilians victims counted after Saudi attack on Saada

Nine civilians victims counted after Saudi attack on Saada

The number of victims from the Saudi bombardment on Saada province on Wednesday rose to nine civilians, including dead and wounded.

Security sources in the province confirmed that three civilians were killed and six others injured, as a result of the Saudi attacks on residential areas in the border districts.

Earlier in the day, the Saudi-led coalition spy warplanes launched five raids on the border district of Sheda, according to the sources.

On Tuesday, three civilians, including an African immigrant, were injured by shrapnel from Saudi bombing on the districts of Monabbih, Sheda and Qataber.

Saudi Arabia has escalated its attacks on civilians in the border areas of Saada during the past days, which resulted in the death and injury of more than 120 civilians, including African immigrants, in addition to damage to homes and property.

The Saudi bombing of the border areas in Saada has continued since the start of the war on Yemen, amid the silence of the United Nations towards these crimes against civilians.