Hezbollah praises Palestinian resistance operation in al-Quds

Hezbollah praises Palestinian resistance operation in al-Quds

Hezbollah praised the heroic operation carried out by martyr Alqam Kheiri in occupied al-Quds [Jerusalem], which resulted in killing and injuring dozens of “Israeli” settlers.

“This brave operation confused the enemy and exposed the fragility of its security and measures and brought terror and anxiety into the hearts of the “Israeli” entity and its settlers,” Hezbollah said in a statement.

Hezbollah considered this operation a swift, decisive and courageous response to the Zionist aggression and massacre in Jenin camp, as well as a strong blow to the corrupt and extremist “Israeli” government.

Hezbollah expressed its full solidarity with the Palestinian people, their resistance factions and their honorable Mujahedeen, and absolute support for all the steps taken by the Palestinian resistance factions to deter aggression and defend the Palestinian people.

Further, Hezbollah strongly condemned the unjust and double standards practiced by some Western and Arab governments as they remained silent regarding the Zionist enemy’s massacre in Jenin camp which led to the martyrdom of a number of the oppressed Palestinian people.

In the same time, the same governments rushed to condemn the defensive operation carried out by martyr Alqam and the rest of the operations carried out by the Palestinian Resistance which are approved by heavenly laws and international norms in defense of rights, land and sovereignty.

Hezbollah congratulated the Palestinians and all its resistance factions and mujahedeen for this qualitative operation and believes that the resistance fighters’ rifle and strong arms are the only answer to the enemy’s crimes, which will write Palestine’s coming victory and glory, God willing.