Sana'a announces economic boycott of nations that violate Islamic sanctities

Sana'a announces economic boycott of nations that violate Islamic sanctities

The Cabinet of Yemen, during its extraordinary meeting on Sunday, which was presided over by Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh bin Habtoor, decided to boycott American, Israeli, Swedish, Dutch, and Danish goods in retaliation to abuses of Islamic sanctities.

The economic boycott decision included the American, Israeli, Swedish, Dutch and Danish goods, and any country that follows the same approach and violates Islamic sanctities in any way.

In its meeting, the Cabinet formed a committee chaired by the Prime Minister and the membership of Deputy Prime Ministers and all relevant ministries to set up a mechanism to boycott the goods of those countries.

The Cabinet approved also the comprehensive media plan, and instructed the Minister of Information to implement it in coordination with the national media system, to achieve its awareness and enlightenment goals regarding the boycott, as a weapon in confronting aggressive actions against the sanctities of the nation.

In this regard, the Cabinet denounced the disgraceful disregard of most Arab and Islamic countries for these violations, which clearly indicates their loss of control and their transformation into tools in the hands of the Western Zionist project.

The Cabinet praised the great stances of the Yemeni people, who came out in an honorable way to express their condemnation and denunciation of burning copies of the Holy Quran in Sweden, as they had previously gone out to express their condemnation of insulting the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him.