Mine removal agency reveals statistics of casualties in the first month of 2023

Mine removal agency reveals statistics of casualties in the first month of 2023

The National Mine Action Program (YEMAC) confirmed that 30 citizens were killed and injured by the US-Saudi aggression’s  explosive remnants in the governorates of Hodeida, Jawf, Saada, Sanaa, and the Nihm district, in a statistic for the month of January, 2023.

The center, in a statement, pointed out that during the first three days of this February, 2023, ten citizens were killed and wounded, in several governorates

“ During the previous years, YEMAC followed up on UN and its agency about the provision of the detectors to clear the contaminated areas with mines and cluster munitions used by Saudi coalition extremely in many Yemen governorates. War remnants lead to increase the number of the victims every day.  The detectors have not been provided yet due to the prevention by the coalition,” the statement read.

According to the center, “ Continuation of prevention the entry of the detectors is considered as serious violation and it prevents the returning of the displaced people to their home as set out in the International agreements and protocols. It was mentioned in Ottawa Treaty which insists the coalition to facilitate and exchange of equipment and technological and scientific materials as it’s humanitarian equipment and used in humanitarian activities.”

It pointed to “the articles (3 – 7 – 8) of Protocol V about the restriction and prevention of the use of agreement conventional weapons can be considered as extremely harmful to random impact, and not taking the preventive measures to protect the civilians during and after while the conflict which is represented in the block of the entry of the detectors.

The center  called on the UN envoy to Yemen Hans Grundberg, Head of the United Nations Mission Michael Burry and Coordinator of Humanitarian Affairs in Yemen to do the humanitarian role in provision of the mine detectors as it’s humanitarian equipment and will help to save the lives of the women and children.