Yemeni parliament condemns Sudanese collaboration with Zionism

Yemeni parliament condemns Sudanese collaboration with Zionism

The  Yemeni Parliament condemned on Sunday the Sudanese regime’s joining the “shame” list of Arab regimes that normalized relations with the Zionist enemy.

In its session today, the Parliament denounced the visit of the Zionist enemy’s foreign minister to the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, to discuss what he called “strengthening prospects for joint cooperation, especially in the security fields, and normalization with Sudan under American auspices.”

It noted that the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the agreement with the Zionist enemy to move forward towards normalizing relations and developing them in various fields.

The Parliament added that it was shocked by the audacity of the Sudanese army commander, who does not have any mandate from the Sudanese people authorizing him to act on critical issues that are not consistent with the will of the Sudanese people and their living forces.

The Parliament of the Republic of Yemen reiterated its refusal to forge any ties, whether Arab or Islamic, with the occupying Zionist enemy who engages in constant aggression and violations in the Palestinian territories as well as the deliberate killing and displacement of Palestinians, stressing that the Palestinian people have a right to self-defense through any means possible.

The Parliament urged the free people of the world and the Arab and Islamic parliaments to oppose and criticize normalization with the Zionist enemy.