Algerian airplane carrying humanitarian aid arrives in Aleppo

Algerian airplane carrying humanitarian aid arrives in Aleppo

Algerian aid aircraft arrived at Aleppo International Airport loaded 17 tons of humanitarian assistance and civil protection team to participate in searches and rescues operations, Syria’s state-run news agency ( SANA) reported.

According to SANA, the head of the Algerian mission, Colonel Mujahed Jad said that the plane carries out a rescue team and humanitarian assistances sent from Algeria to brotherly Syria, wishing Syria to get out of this plight soon.

Col. Jad offered condolences to the families of the victims who died due to the earthquake.

Member of executive bureau of Aleppo governorate council Dr. Abdulkader Dawalibi told SANA in a statement that the plane includes fully-equipped relief cadres from the Algerian civil defense to provide assistance to the civil defense units working in the province to remove rubble, rescue those who are still under rubble in addition to 17 tons of aid.

Dr. Dawalibi added that the governorate works on providing all facilitations and requirements for the Algerian mission and coordination works to start their role in rescue operation.

Member of National Committee of Algerian Red Crescent for disasters management Rashid al-Boutalbi said that the Algerian people and Red Crescent stand by the people to meet their needs, stressing that they came today to extend help to the Syrian people, as the Syrian and Algerian peoples are linked with historical fraternity ties.

Source: Sana