Iranian airplane carrying humanitarian aid arrives in Damascus

Iranian airplane carrying humanitarian aid arrives in Damascus

An Iranian plane arrived at Damascus International Airport, carrying relief aid for those affected by the earthquake that hit the country at dawn today, Syria’s state-run news agency ( SANA) reported.

According to SANA, The Iranian Ambassador in Damascus, Mahdi Sobhani, in a statement, expressed his condolences to the Syrian people on the earthquake victims, noting that the Iranian aid plane carries food, relief and medical supplies on board.

“This plane carries the first batches of humanitarian aid provided by the Islamic Republic of Iran, with 45 tons of humanitarian aid on board, including blankets, tents, medicines, foodstuffs, and other supplies needed by those affected by the earthquake,” Sobhani added.

He pointed out that immediately after unloading the plane, this aid will reach the affected areas.

The Iranian ambassador made it clear that the second plane will land tomorrow at Aleppo airport, and after that a third plane to Lattakia airport.