Protests against Saudi-led occupation escalate across Shabwah province

Protests against Saudi-led occupation escalate across Shabwah province

The scope of local protests has expanded in Yemen’s eastern province of Shabwah, controlled by the Saudi-led coalition militia, which has been witnessing security chaos and a complete absence of state authorities since the beginning of 2016.

The people of the Radhom district, located on the coast of the Arabian Sea, demanded on Sunday their share of employment in oil companies.

During a vigil in front of the Balhaf gas facility they confirmed their rejection of the policy of exclusion, marginalization and deprivation.

The participants in the vigil explained that the Office of Social Affairs and Labor confiscated the shares of the sons of Radhom and employed many people from outside the province.

The protestors raised banners calling for the employment of workers from the district, which did not obtain 75% of its employment share in the Balhaf facility.

On the other hand, faculty members at the College of Education in Bayhan district demonstrated, demanding the payment of their financial rights interrupted for four years.

In a statement issued by the protest vigil today, Sunday, the faculty members threatened to strike until all legal dues were granted to them, after they hung red armbands at the end of last week.