Saudi forces surround STC camp in Aden

Saudi forces surround STC camp in Aden

Saudi forces reinforced with military vehicles and armored vehicles, surrounded on Sunday the Badr camp in the port city of Aden, southern Yemen.

Informed sources in the city stated that the leaders of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) militias refused to hand over the Badr camp, located in Khormaksar area, to the so-called “Dera Al-Watan” (Shield of Homeland ) forces that Riyadh established from the extremist Salafist elements, who received training in Saudi Arabia.

The sources indicated that the commander of the Badr camp, Abd al-Rahman Askar, refused to hand over the camp, which is part of its duties to protect Aden Airport, to a number of Saudi officers after they demanded that he hand over the sites to the Dara Al-Watan forces.

The command of the Saudi forces sent a military campaign, reinforced with vehicles and armored vehicles, to storm the camp and arrest Askar, according to the sources.

This comes after the arrival of large numbers of Salafist elements recruited by Saudi Arabia with their military vehicles to the city of Aden coming from the Saudi camps.

Saudi Arabia continues to send the “Dera Al-Watan” forces to Aden, replacing the STC forces, amid defections in the ranks of the latter’s leaders, and transferring weapons to the rural areas of Lahj and Dhalea, in preparation for the next battle.