United Nations admits failure of aid efforts to thousands of Syrian victims of earthquake

United Nations admits failure of aid efforts to thousands of Syrian victims of earthquake

UN Under-Secretary-General and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Martin Griffiths, on Sunday acknowledged the organization’s failure to help thousands of Syrian civilians, and its inability to deliver aid to those affected by the earthquake.

Griffiths said in a tweet posted on his Twitter account, “We have so far failed the people in north-west Syria. They rightly feel abandoned. Looking for international help that hasn’t arrived.”

He added “My duty and our obligation is to correct this failure as fast as we can. That’s my focus now.”

Syria calls on the International Committee of the Red Cross and United Nations organizations and bodies to pressure the United States of America to lift the siege imposed on the Syrian people, violating all international covenants and treaties.

Moscow called on the West and the international community to lift sanctions on Syria that impede the provision of assistance after the earthquake that struck the country.

The United Nations Coordinator in Syria, Mustafa bin Al-Malih, confirmed in statements after the earthquake occurred that the sanctions imposed on Damascus are harming humanitarian efforts in this country, noting millions of dollars in financial aid are being prevented from reaching those affected by the earthquake.

Head of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, Khaled Habbouti, called on the European community to lift the blockade and economic sanctions imposed on Syria to face the repercussions of the devastating earthquake.

A devastating earthquake measuring 7.7 on the Richter scale struck southern Turkey and northern Syria, at dawn last Monday, and was followed by aftershocks felt by residents in neighboring countries.