Four vessels carrying foodstuffs arrive in Hodeidah

Four vessels carrying foodstuffs arrive in Hodeidah

The Yemeni Red Sea Ports Corporation announced Tuesday the arrival of four ships loaded with foodstuffs at the ports of Hodeidah.

“There are seven other ships loaded with fuel waiting in the offshore in preparation for docking,” the corporation said in an explanation table posted on its official website.

The corporation’s explanatory statement indicated that there are four other ships expected to arrive at the ports of Hodeida.

This is the first time that the port of Hodeidah has received this number of ships since the declaration of the blockade on Yemen seven years ago, and away from the Saudi-led coalition restrictions.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in the government of Sana’a, Hussein Al-Ezzi, said last Sunday that the direct transit of all commercial ships to the ports of Hodeidah without detention or delay is an initial step in the right direction and needs to be strengthened and expanded through the abolition of  UNVIM