At least 53 killed in Daesh attack east of Homs

At least 53 killed in Daesh attack east of Homs

Syrian state media outlets say as many as 53 people have been killed in an ambush carried out by the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group near a central Syrian city.

“Fifty-three citizens who were truffle hunting were killed during an attack by the terrorists of Daesh to the southwest of the town of al-Sokhna” in the desert east of the city of Homs on Friday, state television reported.

The victims included 46 civilians and seven soldiers, said Dr. Walid Odeh, director of the General Authority of Palmyra National Hospital.

The medical official said the bodies had “been brought to the hospital after the ambush” that targeted dozens.

The UK-based so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a monitor, identified those who carried out the attack as terrorists riding motorbikes, who started shooting at the truffle hunters.

Takfiri terrorist outfits, most notably among them Daesh, unleashed a campaign of bloodletting and destruction in Syria and neighboring Iraq in 2014 as the United States was running out of excuses to extend or enlarge its regional meddling.

In 2017, Iran’s military advisory assistance — alongside help provided by the Arab country’s other allies, including support aerial operations by Russia — helped Damascus defeat Daesh.

The group, whose numerous attempts at regrouping have failed ever since, has, however, been carrying out sporadic attacks across Syria through its remnants and sleeper cells.

The Friday attack was the deadliest attack by the outfit since January last year when the terrorists stormed a prison in the northeastern Syrian city of Hasakeh in a bid to free fellow Takfiris.

The resulting fighting inside the city killed 105 people, mostly civilians, as well as 268 terrorists.

Source: Press TV