Clashes Erupt Between Rival Tribes in Shabwah Province

Clashes Erupt Between Rival Tribes in Shabwah Province

Violent clashes erupted on Thursday between the sons of Al-Awaleq tribes in Shabwah province, eastern Yemen, amid an alarming rise in tribal feuds in the oil-rich province.

Tribal sources reported that clashes broke out between the gunmen of Al-Farid and Al-Yaslam tribes in Al-Saeed district, which resulted in deaths and injuries on both sides.

According to the sources, the military and security forces in the area are observing the clashes without interfering.

As a result of the Saudi-led coalition feeding disputes in the occupied provinces, tribal revenge issues have recently returned to Shabwah in a worrisome manner.

Tribalists in Shabwah accused UAE-backed militias in the city of Ataq, the provincial capital, of fomenting tribal conflicts among Al-Awaleq tribes in order to undercut the influence of Sheikh Boubaker Farid, the director of Al-Saeed district.