Mahrah tribes reject coalition's decision to import outside security forces

Mahrah tribes reject coalition's decision to import outside security forces

Tribes of Mahrah governorate rejected the Saudi-led coalition’s establishment of military sites in the Shahan border area of the Sultanate of Oman, in eastern Yemen.

The sheikhs and members of the Zaabnoot tribe announced their categorical rejection of the establishment of the so-called “military shipping sector”, whose establishment decision was issued by the Riyadh-formed Presidential Council in the Shahan district.

In a statement issued by the vigil on Thursday, the tribesmen confirmed that the decision to appoint and recruit individuals from outside Mahrah governorate in the region represents an infringement and disregard for its original sons who deserve that recruitment.

“The people of Mahrah will not give up their previous demands,” The statement said.

The statement called on the concerned authorities to stand by their demands, and facilitate in various basic aspects required at this stage, stressing their keenness to maintain Mahrah’s security, social peace and keep it away from conflicts.

The tribes’ statement called for cancelling the decision of raising the customs dollar price, considering it one of the arbitrary and unjust measures that harm the right of citizens and merchants throughout Yemen.

The statement further renewed the call to empower and employ the people of Mahrah governorate in the military and civilian corps, as this is a legitimate right for them to manage their governorate like other governorates.

In their statement, the tribes rejected any appointments issued to any people or officials from outside Mahrah, as competencies of the people of the province are present and some of them suffer from unemployment.