Speaker of Yemeni Parliament Denounces Arab Parliamentary Union

Speaker of Yemeni Parliament Denounces Arab Parliamentary Union

On Monday, Speaker of the Yemeni Parliament in Sana’a, Yahya Al-Ra’i, denounced the Arab Parliamentary Union’s call sent to Sultan Al-Barakani, who is impersonating Yemen’s parliament speaker, to participate in the work of the thirty-fourth conference held in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

This came during a letter that he sent to the President of the Arab Parliament Union, Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Mohammed al-Halboosi.

“At a time when everyone knows that the House of Representatives in the Republic of Yemen, whose constitutional seat is the capital, Sana’a, holds its sessions continuously, we were surprised by such an invitation to those who do not have any legal or constitutional capacity to represent the Yemeni parliament,” Al-Ra’i said.

He pointed out that the Parliament in Sana’a had previously taken constitutional and legal measures against them, and voted to drop the membership of those who deviated from the national ranks, brought aggression to destroy the capabilities of the Yemeni people, and imposed an unjust siege that violated international and humanitarian laws for more than eight years.

In his letter, Al-Ra’i indicated that Yemen is experiencing the worst humanitarian catastrophe in the world and the most heinous aggression targeting the capabilities of the Yemeni people, plundering its wealth and violating sovereignty.

“This comes at a time when the Yemeni people are looking forward to you supporting its cause and its grievances in parliamentary forums, especially as they are held in Iraq that rejects injustice, domination and external tutelage, to break the barrier of silence and the siege imposed by the regimes of the aggression coalition on Yemen, and to take any measure that would lead to end the suffering of more than thirty million Yemenis,” he added.

He demanded an apology to Yemen for the stances that diverged from the aspirations of the Yemeni and Iraqi peoples with all their living forces