Yemeni Prime Minister: health sector among most affected by Saudi invasion and war

Yemeni Prime Minister: health sector among most affected by Saudi invasion and war

The Prime Minister, Abdulaziz bin Habtoor, affirmed that the health sector is one of the sectors most affected by the aggression and blockade, which was reflected in the status of its health and treatment facilities and its cadres of doctors, health professionals and technicians.

This came during his meeting, Wednesday, with the head of the international office of Doctors Without Borders, Christos Christo, and his accompanying delegation visiting the Republic of Yemen.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the visit will allow the head of the international organization to see directly the reality of the catastrophic repercussions of the US-Saudi aggression and blockade imposed on the people of Yemen for eight years on various aspects of daily life.

He praised the various valuable health and humanitarian interventions of Doctors Without Borders and the efforts of its medical staff in serving Yemen’s patients in most governorates.

He praised the importance of paying more attention to motherhood and childhood issues, confronting acute malnutrition among children, and health care for pregnant mothers.

The head of Doctors Without Borders referred to the record of cooperation between the organization and Yemen that dates back to the eighties of the last century, and its early role in standing with the people of Yemen in the medical field.

He explained that Doctors Without Borders focuses its activities on the aspects of maternal and child care, in addition to rehabilitating and training medical staff, while providing some medical supplies.

He indicated that one of the main reasons for his visit is to see the situation closely and provide realistic information that shows the extent of the suffering and the amount of needs of the Yemen’s society.