Saudi Arabia and Al-Qaeda forces launch attack on Abyan tribes

Saudi Arabia and Al-Qaeda forces launch attack on Abyan tribes

The Saudi-led coalition forces and members of the “Al Qaeda” organization in Abyan province, south of Yemen, launched a major attack Tuesday night with various types of weapons against the people of the Jaishan tribes, Yemeni Press Agency (YPA) reported, citing local sources.

According to the sources, the so-called “joint forces,” affiliated with the coalition forces, led by Colonel “Mustafa Mahdi Al-Kazmi,” commander of the 3rd Presidential Protection Brigade and commander of the coalition forces in the Jaishan district of Abyan, attacked the sons of the Jaishan tribes on the road linking the provinces of Abyan and Bayda and in the mountains of Al-Qasha’a, Al-Shatbah, and Al-Awsaj with medium weapons and mortars.

This comes after the tribes refused to allow terrorist Al-Qaeda elements who fled from Bayda to Abyan into their areas in order to avoid the scourge of war and destruction.

According to the sources, the coalition forces carried out reprisals and ethnic liquidation crimes against the innocent in the areas of Al-Qasha’a, Al-Shatbah, and Al-Awsaj, where a suffocating siege was imposed on homes and farms inhabited by women and children, followed by brutal shelling with machine guns and mortar shells indiscriminately, resulting in the demolition of homes, the burning of some of them, and the unjust killing of innocent people under the pretext that the Jaishan tribes were loyal to the Sana’a forces.

The sources said that the sounds of shelling and clashes shook the Jaishan district heavily after the Islah Party (Brotherhood) militia strengthened its military campaign against what it called “pro-Houthi elements” with tanks and bombed tribal sites.