London Auction Sold Stolen 2,200-Year-Old Yemeni Statue

London Auction Sold Stolen 2,200-Year-Old Yemeni Statue

On Tuesday, the British capital, London, hosted a new auction to sell Yemeni antiquities at a cheap price.

A Yemeni activist and researcher specialized in tracing looted and stolen Yemeni antiquities, Abdullah Mohsen, published pictures of a 2,200-year-old bronze statue that was sold during an auction held on Monday evening in London.

The antiquity was sold for around £1,400.

The statue is one of several antiques recently sold at auctions, at prices that sometimes do not exceed 20 pounds. The auctions in London are part of auctions in several Western countries, including the United States.

These auctions take place amid the silence of the ambassadors and diplomats of the coalition government in those capitals, which lends credibility to reports that point to their involvement in the sale process.