Yemeni ambassador in Iran deplores UN Envoy’s negative statements

Yemeni ambassador in Iran deplores UN Envoy’s negative statements

The Yemeni ambassador to Iran, Ibrahim Al-Dailami, confirmed on Wednesday that the negative briefings of the UN envoy complicate the political track and distance a responsible solution that is acceptable to all parties.

In an intervention with Al-Masirah TV channel Wednesday evening, Al-Dailami said “We are no longer surprised by the briefings of the UN envoy and UN officials who insist on continuing the disastrous path in dealing with the Yemeni file.”

He pointed out that the statements of the UN envoy are motivated by parties that do not want to end the aggression and lift the siege on Yemen.

Al-Dailami made it clear that Saudi Arabia, which headed the aggression coalition, should not place responsibility on a group of acrobatic personalities whom it calls a government or a presidential council.

He noted that the Iranian leadership confirmed that the Yemeni issue is specific to Sanaa and the revolutionary leadership tells all those who want to discuss this matter that the decision is in Sanaa.

He stressed that the negotiating horizon is not to give up the sovereignty and independence of the country, but to start with the humanitarian path that leads to the exit of foreign forces, reconstruction and compensation due to the Yemeni people.

Al-Dailami also emphasized that the negotiating track cannot be proceed with a group of people without identity, indicating that any talk of turning the aggressor into a mediator is pure nonsense.