Prices of fish soar in Aden as conflict between puppet government and local fishermen escalates

Prices of fish soar in Aden as conflict between puppet government and local fishermen escalates

The city of Aden and other southern provinces have been witnessing a major crisis in the supply of fish in local markets and the disappearance of many kinds of fish, which in turn has led to an increase of their prices which make them unaffordable for a wide segment of consumers.

The prices of fish ranged according to their varieties in the markets of Aden. The price of a kilogram of tuna, known locally as thamad and the most popular type of fish in Yemen, reached a record high of 10,000 riyals, after its price had fallen to 5,000 during the past weeks, while the prices of dirk and sakhla fish reached at 18,000 riyals per a kilogram.

This comes as fishermen’s associations announced a strike in a protest against the puppet government’s decision to stop exporting fish, which affected their cash income that they relied on to provide their families’ basic needs.

Despite the strike, the pro-coalition puppet government insists on implementing its decision to ban exports, as pro-coalition Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Fisheries, Salem Al-Socotri, confirmed that “the decision to stop exporting fish was not absurd, and we are working to structure the marketing process.”

The minister’s statement was not successful from the point of view of many fishermen and consumers in Aden, with fishermen asking how the minister is planning to remarket fish when all fishing is stopped.

It is noteworthy that most families in the city of Aden depend on fish, especially thamad, in their daily meal, in light of the deteriorating living situation, high prices of goods, vegetables fruits and meat, and the lack of financial income for families, as a result of the deteriorating economic situation resulting from the corruption of various puppet government institutions.