Millions of Yemenis gather in mass rallies to mark eight years of resistance against Saudi invasion

Millions of Yemenis gather in mass rallies to mark eight years of resistance against Saudi invasion

Millions of Yemeni people have staged rallies on Sunday afternoon in the capital Sana’a and several other provinces, marking the “National Resilience Day”, and the passage of eight years of the Saudi-led aggression on Yemen.

During the rallies, Participants in rallies carried Yemeni flags, banners, and slogans denouncing American policy and the blockade on Yemen, emphasizing steadfastness and standing up to the US-Saudi-led coalition.

A statement issued at the rallies indicated that the Yemeni people have been subjected to crimes and violations, including genocide, in social events, schools, mosques, hospitals, residential places, roads, and in most Yemeni provinces.

The statement stated that the coalition’s crimes against Yemen included economic war, blockade, and conspiracies against the Yemeni people, depriving them of their national wealth, salaries, and food and medical supplies.

“We announce to the whole world our adherence to our just cause, and we warn the coalition against its continuation in aggression, siege and occupation,” the statement read, stressing that the war is unjust aggression in every sense of the word and has no justification or legitimacy for it.

The statement affirmed that the main objectives of the war are the occupation and control of the Yemeni people and the confiscation of their freedom and independence. “It is an aggression launched by America through regional tools and the British and Israeli contributions.”

The statement saluted the steadfastness of the Yemeni people and praised the efforts of the security forces and military industrialization, in the forefront of which is the missile force and drones.

The rallies’ statement stressed that the continuation of the siege and the state of no war and no peace is unacceptable, and that the enemies’ efforts to stir up internal strife and target the country’s security are part of their aggression against Yemen.

The statement thanked Hezbollah in Lebanon and its Secretary-General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, for his faith and humanitarian stance, as well as the free people of Iraq and all the free people of the Islamic nation who stood by the grievances of the Yemeni people.