Mohammed al-Houthi: Sana'a has not set impossible conditions for peace, but is ready for war

Mohammed al-Houthi: Sana'a has not set impossible conditions for peace, but is ready for war

Member of the Supreme Political Council Mohammad Al-Houthi affirmed on Sunday that the continuation of the US-Saudi aggression against Yemen only means that its defeat will grow to become an ignominious defeat.

“We are ready to make any choice determined by the Leader of the Revolution,” Al-Houthi said during the march that took place in the capital Sana’a on the occasion of the National Resilience Day. “We will not rest until our country achieves complete freedom and independence.”

He also emphasized that Sana’a has never set an impossible condition for peace, saying “This coalition is an aggressor that has no real vision and plan for peace, and we want real peace, not a show or propaganda.”

Al-Houthi further said that everyone is aware that the US is the main cause of the aggression against Yemen.

He also stressed that the only path to peace is through lifting the siege of Yemen and expelling the enemy from the country.

“The aggression committed massacres and crimes that cannot be denied, and this brutality only increases our determination to confront,” he added.

Regarding the allegations of the aggression coalition that there is an Iranian presence in Yemen, Al-Houthi said, “We said from the first day that Iran is a neighboring country and that we do not fight for it. They (the coalition) said that they are fighting Iran in Yemen, and today they are going for peace and dialogue with Iran.”

“They wanted the Yemeni state to collapse, so it clung to its various institutions despite cutting salaries, transferring the Central Bank, and stealing revenues.”

“We will continue to adhere to the legitimate rights of Yemen’s people, and we will not allow the continuation of the siege and occupation, and we will fight them until they are defeated from our country on land, sea and air,” he stressed.

Al-Houthi added that the United Nations has legitimized the blockade and stopped the flow of salaries and aid, and stood in the face of Yemen.

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