Yemeni delegation participates in conference on water management in Jordan

Yemeni delegation participates in conference on water management in Jordan

The delegation of the Republic of Yemen has participated in the 13th International Conference of the Islamic Network for the Development and Management of Water Resources, which concluded recently in the Jordanian capital, Amman.

At the opening session of the conference, the Head of the General Authority for Water Resources, Eng. Hadi Quriaa, delivered a speech in which he emphasized that Yemen is one of the most important countries in need of support in the field of water resources, especially in light of the difficult circumstances it is going through as a result of the continuation of the aggression and blockade for eight years.

“The water sector in Yemen has recently begun to identify suitable sites for groundwater recharge through harvesting rain and torrential waters,” Quriaa said.

Eng. Quriaa explained that Yemen, with its topography, mountains, and regions, helps to create water barriers to preserve rainwater to feed the groundwater, reviewing the successes achieved by the General Authority for Water Resources in Yemen in controlling random drilling operations in cooperation with the relevant authorities.

In turn, the Undersecretary of Sana’a Province, the representative of the investment sector in the Sanaa Water Basin Committee, Yahya Mohsen Joman, expressed his willingness to participate in events and activities related to the development and investment of water resources in a way that contributes to studying how to preserve groundwater.

He expressed hope that the conference would come out with recommendations that are in the interests of the Arab and Islamic peoples to protect groundwater resources.