Yemeni media suffered over 134 billion riyals in losses since 2015

Yemeni media suffered over 134 billion riyals in losses since 2015

The Ministry of Information announced, Tuesday, the crimes and damages that occurred to the national media during the eight years of the aggression and siege, noting that the total damages and losses amounted to more than 134 billion riyals.

In a press conference held by the Ministry of Information, the ministry estimated the total losses and damages against Yemeni media over the past eight years, amounting to more than $224 million, estimated at more than 134 billion riyals.

The ministry stated that the number of martyrs of the national media, led by the military media, is 337 martyrs.

The statement added that the aggression targeted the Ministry’s building with 3 raids Ramadan four years ago, which led to severe damage to the building and put it out of service.

It pointed that the material losses of the ministry amounted to an estimated 10 million dollars, equivalent to 6 billion riyals, noting that the aggression caused the suspension of the ministry’s work in providing its services as a result of the lack of a headquarters for 3 months.

The aggression also caused TV and radio broadcasts, of the national media, to be dropped via satellite, pointing out that the aggression had reproduced and falsified official channels, radio stations and the Yemeni news agency, Saba.

The ministry also stated that the US-Saudi aggression is a media blockade and has tried to isolate Yemen from the media from the world, indicating that it has prevented and imposed restrictions on the entry of Arab and foreign journalists and media delegations to 143 journalists and delegations.

The ministry noted that the aggression caused the interruption of the payment of salaries, the reduction of operating expenses by 95%, and the occurrence of moral damage to the staff.

The Ministry of Information stated that the aggression destroyed the Almasirah channel building in Saaada, and inflicted material losses on the building and the technical equipment estimated at one million dollars.

It also bombed the building of the Yemen Today channel in the capital, Sana’a, which caused almost total destruction of the channel’s studios, equipment and supplies.

It also completely destroyed the building of the Saba satellite channel, causing severe damage to the building of the Al-Iman channel and damaging the Yemen satellite channel.

It also added that the building of satellite transmissions and broadcasting dishes was targeted. The aggression also destroyed 29 buildings of radio transmission sites in the governorates.