Egypt enacts new restrictions on Yemeni travelers

Egypt enacts new restrictions on Yemeni travelers

The Egyptian authorities have restricted Yemeni travelers coming to it for the purpose of treatment by setting new conditions and canceling previous facilities.

The Egyptian Ministry of Interior directed Cairo Airport, in addition to the requirement that Yemeni travelers coming for treatment should carry medical reports from an Egyptian government hospital.

It also required all Yemenis to obtain a prior entry visa, including those in the age group (16-50) years, canceling the exemption granted to travelers over the age of fifty.

The new restrictions on Yemeni travelers coming via America, Europe and the Gulf Cooperation Council included obtaining prior entry visas and medical reports from Egyptian hospitals in the event that the visit is for the purpose of treatment.

The new Egyptian restrictions came days after the Cairo airport authorities stopped the wife of a high-ranking official in the government loyal to Saudi-led coalition  while she was trying to smuggle a kilo of gold.