Oxfam calls for economic rescue package in Yemen

Oxfam calls for economic rescue package in Yemen

Oxfam has warned of the danger of catastrophic hunger in one of the most dangerous humanitarian crises in the world that Yemen is going through.

In a statement, the London-based international organization has called on the international community to implement an urgent economic rescue package to save the deteriorating situation in Yemen.

Since 2015, the price of wheat in the areas controlled by the Sanaa government has increased by 300%, and in Aden by 600%.

The statement added: Cooking gas prices have also increased by about 600 percent since the beginning of the war, forcing many families to use plastic waste as fuel for cooking.

Referring to Yemen, Ferran Puig, Oxfam Country Director in Yemen, warned of the international community’s neglect of one of the world’s most serious humanitarian crises.

“It is time for world leaders to exert effective pressure to bring all parties back to the negotiating table, for a permanent solution to the conflict,” Puig added.

This came as Inter Action warned also that the refusal of donors to provide sufficient funding to meet the growing needs in Yemen would have repercussions on millions of affected people.