UAE occupation detains several local figures in Socotra

UAE occupation detains several local figures in Socotra

The UAE intelligence services have detained a number of local leaders in Socotra, including a prominent leader of the General People’s Congress’s party.

Sources familiar with the matter said on Saturday that the Emirati intelligence officer, Khalfan Al Mazrouei, directed the detention of the leader in the party, Sheikh Ali bin Issa Al Afrar, who holds Emirati citizenship.

The sources added that Al-Mazrouei submitted a memorandum to Abu Dhabi to prevent the arrival of Bin Afrar and Hammad to Socotra.

The sources stated Bin Al Afrar was arrested by the UAE officers near the Omani-Emirati border, confiscated his passport and prevented him from returning to Socotra.

Ali bin Issa Al Afrar was one of the most prominent UAE candidates for the position of governor of Socotra before the appointment of Raafat Al-Thaqali, who is one of the elements affiliated with the Salafist movement.