Omani delegation arrives in Sana’a

Omani delegation arrives in Sana’a

The Omani delegation arrived at Sana’a International Airport on Saturday to discuss the latest developments in the ongoing negotiations in Muscat with the leadership in Sana’a.

The head of the national negotiating delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam, who accompanied the Omani delegation, affirmed that the demands of the Yemeni people are just and right, which include stopping the aggression, lifting the blockade, and paying the salaries of all employees from oil and gas revenues.

He also stressed that the just demands are the exit of foreign forces from Yemen, compensation, and reconstruction, and that the delegation will hold discussions with the leadership on these just demands.

Abdulsalam added that they would also follow up the prisoners’ file to not face any obstacles, and there are promises that the exchange deal would take place in this holy month, Ramadan.

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