Iran resumes commercial flights to Saudi Arabia

Iran resumes commercial flights to Saudi Arabia

Iran has announced the resumption of flights with Saudi Arabia, according to the agreement signed in the Chinese capital, Beijing.

The Iranian Assistant Foreign Minister and Director General of the Gulf Department in the ministry, Ali Reza Enayati, said on Sunday: “Based on the air transport agreement, it was decided to resume flights between the two countries.”

Enayati confirmed that an Iranian delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has finished its preparations and taken executive measures to go to Saudi Arabia at the end of the week.

The Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) quoted sources as saying, “A technical delegation from Iran is to visit Saudi Arabia this week and will visit Tehran’s embassy in Riyadh and discuss preparations for its reopening.”

A Saudi delegation arrived in Iran to prepare for the reopening of the Saudi Embassy in Tehran and the Saudi Consulate in Mashhad.

The official Saudi news agency confirmed the arrival of the Saudi technical team to Tehran to implement the joint tripartite agreement of Saudi Arabia, Iran, and China, and that it comes as a continuation of what the two sides agreed upon during the talks.

Last Thursday, the two countries’ foreign ministers signed a joint statement at the end of a historic meeting in Beijing, which included the activation of the security cooperation agreement, reopening the embassies, and the resumption of flights between the two countries.