President al-Assad receives Iranian President

President al-Assad receives Iranian President

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday received Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, who has arrived in Syria, heading a large ministerial delegation on a two-day visit to the country .

During the plenary talks with the Iranian President, President Bashar al-Assad said “the Syrian-Iranian relations are rich in content, rich in experiences and rich in the insights that constituted them, and therefore, these relations were, during hard times, stable and firm despite of the severe political and security storms which struck the Middle East Region.”.

President al-Assad added that “our ties were established for more than four decades, and the political storms changed concepts, blew up foundations and destroyed entire countries, but they failed to affect the consistent vision that our two countries share about the events that were taking place,” .

President al-Assad said “the joint vision of the two countries has proven to be based on correct and firm foundations, based on values, principles and beliefs, and most importantly, on the interests of the peoples and on their sovereignty and independence.”.

The President added that “the relations between our two countries are built on loyalty, when an unjust war was waged against Iran in 1980 for eight years, Syria did not hesitate to stand by Iran despite the threats and temptations at that time.

Al-Assad said that “in the same way, when the war launched against Syria since 12 years ago, Iran supported Syria despite the threats, and did not hesitate to provide all political and economic support, but rather offered blood, and the blood is the most precious thing that a person can offer to his neighbor.

For his part, Iranian President Raisi said “Syria, Government and People, have gone through large difficulties, and today we can say that you have surpassed all these problems and achieved victory despite of the threats and sanctions imposed on you.”

President al-Assad and Iranian President Raisi discussed the bilateral relations in various fields and means of developing them.

Talks also dealt with the latest developments in the Middle East region and the reflections of the global changes on the region, and unifying efforts to invest these changes for the benefit of the two countries and the people of the region.

The Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi arrived in Damascus International Airport on Wednesday, accompanied by a large ministerial political and economic delegation.

An official reception ceremony was held for the Iranian President upon his arrival at al-Shaab Palace, the two national anthems of Syria and Iran were played, then the two Presidents reviewed the guard of honor, and shook hands with members of the two official delegations.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)