Socotra residents stage protest against UAE authorities

Socotra residents stage protest against UAE authorities

Dozens of residents of the island of Socotra staged on Sunday a protest rally against the UAE-backed authorities on the island.

In the rally, the participants raised banners in Qalansiyah district denouncing the manipulation by the Emirati company, “Dexm Power”, of the electric energy it established on the island in 2018.

The protesters confirmed that the company contributed to doubling the suffering of citizens by raising the price, amid widespread refusal to pay the company’s bills due to the unreasonable fees.

They called for the Dexm Power company to improve the basic services in the field of electricity during the summer season, after the UAE robbed the electrical generators of the Electricity Corporation, and the establishment of its own company in the “Daksum” reserve of Socotra.

In 2021, the Dexm Power confiscated the electricity meters of commercial stores, replaced them with electronic ones affiliated with it, and imposed on citizens sums of money amounting to more than 225,000 Yemeni riyals per meter.