Saudi-backed Yemeni Embassy abandons families in Sudan as war continues to rage

Saudi-backed Yemeni Embassy abandons families in Sudan as war continues to rage

As many as 5,930 Yemeni students have been stranded in the Sudanese port as a result of the war erupting in the country on April 15, 2023.

A Yemeni student in Sudan told the Yemen Press Agency that the number of stranded Yemenis in the city of Port Sudan reached 5,930 as of last Friday, including 1,357 children and 1,571 women, representing 200 families and 1,500 students.

The source confirmed that the Yemeni embassy in Khartoum was lying about the real numbers of Yemenis stranded in the port of Sudan. The embassy published that the number of those stranded in the very hot city of Sudan did not exceed 3,000.

The source added that 300 Yemeni children present at the “Rim Al-Dhahabi” wedding hall in the city of Port Sudan have been infected during the past two weeks with several diseases, especially diarrhea. These illnesses are a result of the spread of mosquitoes and flies and the lack of disinfectants and cleaning tools.

The source noted that among the stranded are pregnant women, 13 of whom miscarried. One woman died of a heart attack and another woman, with two of her children, were killed in a traffic accident. Additionally, there are many patients taking turns on an oxygen tank.

The student appealed to benefactors and countries to quickly evacuate them from Sudan, after the “government loyal to the coalition” abandoned them. He explained that a delegate from the embassy promised to transport them all by ship to the port of Aden. This has yet to happen.

In previous statements, the foreign affairs representatives of the coalition-backed government indicated that the total number of Yemenis stranded in Sudan was between 2,700 and 3,000