Yemen condemns Zionist aggression on Gaza Strip

Yemen condemns Zionist aggression on Gaza Strip

The Yemeni  Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the Zionist entity’s aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, its targeting of unarmed civilians with killing and arrest, and the assassination of leaders in the Islamic Jihad movement.

The ministry indicated in a statement that the continuation of Zionist arrogance will threaten the security and safety of all countries in the region without exception, considering that this aggression represents a flagrant violation of all human values and international covenants, especially the four Geneva Conventions.

It warned against continuing the attack on the Gaza Strip and the rest of the Palestinian Arab lands, including Al-Quds city, so as not to drag the region into a state of instability.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the Arab countries to assume their moral and national responsibility towards the Palestinian people to stop the repeated aggression against civilians in the Gaza Strip.

It also called on the UN Security Council, especially the five permanent members, to shoulder their legal and moral responsibility and intervene to stop the barbaric Zionist aggression against the Gaza Strip and the brotherly Palestinian people.