Senior Saudi-Coalition commander defects to Sana'a government

Senior Saudi-Coalition commander defects to Sana'a government

A senior military commander affiliated with the Islah party forces loyal to the Saudi-led coalition has defected and arrived in the capital Sana’a.

Sources said that the commander of the 141st Infantry Brigade, Hatem al-Ahmar, arrived in Sana’a after announcing his defection from the coalition and joining Sana’a forces.

For his part, Mohammed al-Bukhaiti, Dhamar governor, said he had received Sheikh Hatem Al-Ahmar, one of the officers of the 141st Brigade, who had defected from the coalition forces and returned to the ranks of the homeland.

In the meeting, Sheikh Hatem stressed that the majority of those involved in standing by the side of the aggression want to return to the side of the homeland and that he was surprised by the warm reception, Al-Bukhaiti said in a tweet .

Al-Bukhaiti assured him that the homeland accommodates everyone and needs all its sons.

According to the sources, the dissident commander is one of the close associates of the commander of the brigade Hashem al-Ahmar.

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