UAE imports new surveillance equipment to Socotra

UAE imports new surveillance equipment to Socotra

A new batch of Emirati surveillance and eavesdropping devices has arrived on the UAE forces-held Socotra island of Yemen.

Sources familiar with the matter said on Sunday that the devices equipped with modern high-resolution cameras, in addition to other devices, arrived during the past hours at Hadibu Airport, the center of the province, coming from the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi.

The sources affirmed that the Emirati representative, Khalfan Al-Mazrouei, directed the Director of Socotra Security, Ali Al-Daksami, to oblige shop owners to buy cameras and its related devices with exorbitant sums.

The sources indicated that the installation of the devices and cameras aims to secure the foreign tourists, including Israelis, amid the refusal of their presence by the people of the island.

This came after the Emirati intelligence installed, in February of last year, surveillance and spy towers, with advanced digital spy cameras extending more than 4 km, in the streets of Hadibu and the heights overlooking the coasts of the island.

The UAE’s move came also to monitor the daily movement in the province as a result of the escalating Emirati-Saudi tensions on the island, with the goal of tightening its grip and knowing every incoming and outgoing city.