Saudi Arabia Looted $576,000,000 From Yemen's Oil and Gas Resources

Saudi Arabia Looted $576,000,000 From Yemen's Oil and Gas Resources

About $576,000,000 in revenues from the oil and gas production in Yemen’s Ma’rib province are currently in the National Bank of Saudi Arabia.

Abdulqader Al-Kharraz, a Yemeni researcher and consultant in the field of environmental impact assessment, revealed the estimated oil and gas revenues in Ma’rib. The province is under the control of the Islah Party, who is loyal to the Saudi-led coalition in eastern Yemen.

Al-Kharraz stated on Twitter that the estimated statistic for the revenue of oil and gas wealth exceeded one billion dollars during 2022.

He stated that the revenues from the sale of domestic gas amounted to more than 211 million dollars, in addition to more than 73 million dollars in the revenues of improved C5 gasoline.

Al-Kharraz added that the tax income on petroleum and diesel for the Islah Party’s authorities in Marib have exceeded 7 million dollars, with an estimated 7 billion and 786 million Yemeni riyals

“About 147 million dollars are being manipulated annually without knowing their fate between the areas under the control of the coalition, Ma’rib Bank, and exchange shops, in addition to the Sana’a government-held areas,” he explained.

The researcher pointed out that the proceeds of the looted resources are generated by the Islah authorities from their so-called cleaning and improvement fees. These fees are added to the electricity bills. They amounted to 1 billion and 344 million Yemeni riyals. The researcher also indicated that cancer patients in Ma’rib affected by the oil companies are being ignored and neglected.

Al-Kharraz wondered, “Where are the oil revenues going and why are they refusing to help cancer patients that are suffering as a result of the Hunt and Safer oil companies?”