Supreme Political Council of Yemen reiterates that Yemeni unity is paramount

Supreme Political Council of Yemen reiterates that Yemeni unity is paramount

The Supreme Political Council in Sana’a stressed on Wednesday that “Yemen’s unity is subject to the decision and will of the people, and will not be subject to external or political bidding.”

In its meeting held at the Republican Palace in Sana’a, chaired by President Mahdi Al-Mashat, the Council welcomed the 33rd anniversary of Yemeni unity.

The Council affirmed that “the occupiers’ ambitions to harm Yemen’s land and people would go unheeded, and that the plots of Yemen’s enemies and attempts to fragment and divide it have been exposed and rejected by all Yemeni people in all provinces.”

At the same time, the Council emphasised that “those involved in insulting Yemen and obstructing peace paths must respect the decision and will of the Yemeni people, who were able during the eight years of aggression, to write the most wonderful epics and change all equations.”

The Council reiterated its firm stance on achieving an honourable peace, noting what was stated in the President’s speech during his visit to Hajjah province, when said “the stability of Saudi Arabia is linked to Yemen and the Saudi Kingdom’s responsibility for the situation in the region.”

The president’s speech warned that continued obstruction of resolving the humanitarian file, foremost of which is the issue of salaries, could lead to Yemeni impatience, and repeated that “Yemen has nothing to lose in the event of an escalation.”

On the other hand, the Supreme Political Council heard from the Prime Minister and his deputy for economic affairs a report on the efforts being made to encourage investment and investors, especially in the agricultural sector.

The Council directed the government and the Parliament to quickly complete the amendments and treatments required to take advantage of the national capital and advance the national economy in general in various fields.