United Kingdom actively scheming for secession of southern Yemen

United Kingdom actively scheming for secession of southern Yemen

The UK is intensifying its moves in international circles to push for the separation of southern Yemen from the Republic of Yemen, and the latest of these moves is its attempt to pass a project for a “solution” in Yemen during today’s Security Council meeting, which was dropped from the Council’s agendas due to the opposition of a number of major countries.

According to diplomatic sources at the United Nations, the British draft includes a proposal for economic and political agreements based on the two-state solution divided between the north and south, in a British attempt to push the Security Council to adopt the issue of the separation of southern Yemen.

British security experts held a meeting with security officials, headed by Abu Bakr Jabr, the deputy director of security affiliated with the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC).

Pro-STC media reported that the British delegation thanked the security forces of Aden for cooperating with them during the last period, stressing the continuation of meetings between the two parties during the coming period.

According to the sources, the British team was briefed on security arrangements and the situation in the city, especially in regards to receiving foreign diplomats in Aden, which is a prominent stronghold of the Transitional Council, which seeks the secession of southern Yemen.

According to observers, the visit of the British delegation to the city of Aden and the delegation’s tour of vital facilities to see the security situation in them, in addition to the delegation’s statements confirms that Britain has already begun to receive the security file in the city of Aden.

By linking Britain’s movements in international circles with its movements in the city of Aden, it is clear that Britain is actively seeking to return to control the city of Aden, which was under British occupation until 1967.